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Get Started Guides

How can I create an account on Tazawaj app?2020-12-20T16:47:19+03:00

1- Download Tazawaj app from Google Play or App Store.
2- Click on (Register) button
3- Fill in your personal profile
4- Verify your identity
Welcome on Tazawaj app to find your right life Partner

How can I use Tazawaj app to find my right life partner?2020-12-20T16:53:14+03:00

After download app and fill in your data, you can directly search for the appropriate husband or wife without any further steps.

What are chat manners on Tazawaj app?2020-12-20T16:54:33+03:00

You should have high morals when communicating with other users.
Don’t impose your presence on anyone.
Only connect with people who are welcome to communicate with you.

What is Tazawaj app?2020-12-20T16:44:20+03:00

Tazawaj is a free appl and website available for Android and iPhone devices. It allows you to find the perfect life partner from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the app?2020-12-20T16:55:35+03:00

Download Tazawaj app from Google Play or App Store, then fill in the required information to register. You can then use the app services immediately.

Can I use Tazawaj Free?2020-12-20T16:56:30+03:00

Yes, Tazawaj is an app available for free download but it has some advanced features that need to be paid for.

What is the minimum age for using Tazawaj app?2020-12-20T16:57:13+03:00

The minimum age for using Tazawaj app is 18 years.

How can I edit my profile?2020-12-20T16:57:58+03:00

Open the app, tap the triple bar sign on the home screen, then edit your profile.

How can I hide my profile to other?2020-12-20T16:58:54+03:00

Go to Profile Setting and you will find the hide photos feature.

How do I change my location?2020-12-20T17:00:09+03:00

Go to your profile, then basic information. After that, you will find an option to change your location or country.

How do I send a message to others?2020-12-20T17:03:38+03:00

Just click on the chat sign that appears on the photo, type the text you want, and then click Send.

Can I delete the message?2020-12-20T17:05:10+03:00

This feature is currently unavailable, as you cannot delete the message once it is sent, but we are working to make the delete option available in the future.

How do you report someone?2020-12-20T17:05:55+03:00

Click on the person’s profile you want to report, then click on the three-dot sign (menu), then select the Block or Report option.

Application Features

Real people2020-12-20T17:06:34+03:00

Tazawaj app uses the Image Verification Protocol which makes all members stand out for their true identity.

Share interests2020-12-20T17:07:56+03:00

When you share your interests, your chances of finding the right husband or wife increase continuously.

Advanced Search2020-12-20T17:09:44+03:00

The application provides you with an advanced search feature for filtering personal files based on marital status, age, country, sect, education … and more!

Direct Messaging2020-12-20T17:10:48+03:00

You don’t need to wait. You can message the person directly if they like you.