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Create a Tazawaj Account2019-11-13T11:38:38+03:00
  1. Download the Tazawaj app for iOS or Android.
  2. Tap Sign up Button.
  3. Fill out your profile info.
  4. Verify your identity.
  5. Start meeting great people
Navigate Tazawaj and find great peoples2019-11-13T11:36:23+03:00

After you have signed up, you can start navigating the app and find great people who are interested in marriage.

The art of conversation on Tazawaj2019-11-13T11:36:42+03:00

Be polite and respectful when reaching out someone. Don’t impose yourself on anyone. Don’t worry there are many people who will interested in your proposal.


What is Tazawaj?2019-11-13T11:36:59+03:00

Tazawaj is Muslim Marriage and Dating app available for Android & IOS. You can find Single Muslims from all around the world.

How can I use the app?2019-11-13T11:40:31+03:00

Download from Google Play Store or Apple store. Fill in the required info to sign up. And it will start the matchmaking for you.

Can I use Tazawaj for free?2019-11-13T11:41:13+03:00

Yes, Tazawaj is a Free app to download but you need to pay a little amount to access the advanced features.

What’s the minimum requirement age to use Tazawaj?2019-11-13T11:42:25+03:00

The minimum requirement age to use Tazawaj is 18.

How do I edit my profile?2019-11-13T11:43:11+03:00

Open the app and click the triple bar sign on the home screen to edit your profile.

How can I hide my profile to others?2019-11-13T11:43:46+03:00

Go to profile setting and there you can hide your photos from others.

How do I set my location?2019-11-13T11:44:23+03:00

Go to “Edit Profile”>>“Basic Information” to change your location.

How to send message to others?2019-11-13T11:44:57+03:00

To send message just click on the Chat sign showing on the image type the text and you can send instant notes to anyone.

Can I delete message?2019-11-13T11:45:27+03:00

You can’t delete the message once sent but we are working to introduce the deletion option in the future.

How to report someone?2019-11-13T11:45:56+03:00

Click on the person’s profile you want to report and then click the triple dots sign (menu), then chose the block/report option.

Apps Features

Authentic Members2019-11-13T11:46:18+03:00

100% authentic members since Tazawaj required the image verification protocol.

Meaningful Profiles2019-11-13T11:46:46+03:00

Serious and active profile who are seeking for life partners

Share with your interest2019-11-13T11:47:21+03:00

Set your preferences and meet Single Muslim who share same interests

Advanced Search2019-11-13T11:47:44+03:00

Advanced Search provides you the opportunity to sort profiles on the basis of marital status, age, country, sect, education, employment and more!

Direct Messaging2019-11-13T11:48:08+03:00

You don’t need to wait for the person to like you back to start the chat. Direct messaging feature is a great boost to reach the person you liked on Tazawaj.