Tazawaj – Muslim Matchmaking Merges New Tech with Old-School Muslim Values

For single Muslims searching for love, as a great many people, they frequently don’t need to go past the solace of their telephones.


Applications like Minder (the Muslim form of Tinder), and Tazawaj offer (here and there a mind-boggling) measure of alternatives, and other well-known applications like Dil Mil, Bumble, and Tinder additionally have a lot of Muslims in the pool. In any case, when Ahmed Bahgat from Egypt, began seeing Muslims around her were all the while battling to discover love, he thought about whether it had something to do with faith.


“There are such a large number of services out there, however not many that consider the contending pressures individuals of the Muslim faith have,” He discloses to Local News. “Occupied experts who need to settle down, however, don’t have the opportunity and frequently passionate vitality to address several individuals before discovering somebody who might be perfect.”


Months after the fact, he realized his thought, and Tazawaj was conceived. A customized matchmaking service for Muslims, that meetings each part by and by before they join the service. The organization, which authoritatively propelled in December 2016, empowers the possibility of “disconnected dating.”


“We needed to make assistance that regarded our customer’s security, regards their time, and makes the way toward finding a marriage partner fun once more. So, the relational arranger — a genuine person, not a PC or site search criteria — does a great deal of the underlying work. Our go between the search for good individuals, ensure we’re meeting our customer’s necessities, and afterward acquainting customers with each other.”

Dating and technology

Boundaries for certain Muslims to discovering love


Using Tazawaj is free, yet a solitary presentation is $0. A “coordinated platinum service,” which incorporates meeting the individual’s loved ones, and affirming subtleties like wellbeing, training, and work, starts at $0.


The service has likewise publicized itself to fit the requirements of progressively remarkable relationships like separated from Muslims or single guardians. They as of now don’t offer services for non-Muslim couples.


What’s more, in spite of the fact that she thought isn’t remarkable to the community — matchmaking between families is a conventional course to marriage still done by many — he adds individuals are opening up to discovering love outside the family circle. “Similarly, likewise with any community, Muslims come in all shapes, sizes, and standpoints,” he includes. “For some Muslims — even the individuals who don’t see themselves as very rehearsing — marriage is a genuine choice and utilizing an expert assistance just bodes well.”


Online dating taboos


Dr. Saunia Ahmad, a clinical therapist of the Toronto Psychology Clinic, says while there are numerous kinds of Muslims out there, all with different needs with regards to love, the idea of online dating for some may even now be viewed as unthinkable.


“A few Muslims approve of it, while other progressively faithful Muslims inquire as to whether this kind of dating is OK or not,” He discloses to Local News. “A few people are worried about judgment or not being a good strict individual.” And when you are single, or on applications, for a few, it might feel like the final retreat.

“A few people feel fragmented if they haven’t met somebody or gotten hitched,” she says. “In Islam, some portion of our crucial target strictly is getting hitched.”


Furthermore, those individuals who still identify as Muslims, however, take part in pre-marriage sex or drink liquor, for instance, may likewise confront extra difficulties, Ahmad includes, to discovering somebody who can interface with them specifically, without being judged.


In any case, online dating itself has additionally changed the manner in which Muslims date, she includes. Frequently, marriages would be masterminded through relatives however now, sites and applications have enabled single Muslims to meet others they can truly interface with.


A Muslim dating in reality


Fahmida Kamali, a 25-year-old from Toronto, says she has attempted a greater part of dating applications and sites (both for Muslims and not specifically for Muslims), and says it can in some cases be overpowering.


“I didn’t have the foggiest idea about a great deal of Muslims and I don’t have a huge amount of Muslim companions,” he discloses to local News. Yet, Kamali likewise says her appearance, with a hijab, some of the time makes it harder for her to meet men in the open since individuals don’t have a clue whether they can move toward her.


Furthermore, as a separate from the lady with receptive guardians, marriage is still at the forefront of her thoughts, and it is something she says Muslims, or anybody so far as that is concerned, shouldn’t avoid in the discussion.


“I have certain qualities I hold to relationships and dating,” she says. “We don’t need to discuss marriage immediately, yet I have to know if you have the goal to get hitched one day. I am available to discuss it.”

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