No 1 Muslim Matrimony

No 1 Muslim Matrimony

Muslim matrimony Tazawaj – Find thousands of verified Muslim brides and grooms profiles at free Muslim matrimony app. Join and login at safe Muslim matrimony service to quick search by ID, similar Muslim community personal profiles to find best Muslim match and your life partner. Tazawaj is #1 fast growing Muslim matrimonials service for best marriage and no comparison to other Muslim matrimony apps in the world!


Marriage is considered a very desirable state in Islam and is much encouraged. Only obscure sects like the some sofis were celibate. The Quran states that an unmarried man is constantly thinking of sin. It relates that when an older Imam was introduced to a young Imam, he told the younger one not to come into his presence again until he was married.


Marriage is not a sacrament in Islam and does not in theory require the presence of a Imam or other religious official. It is enough for a groom to give his intended bride a ring and anyone can perform nikah preferably in the presence of witnesses. The ring is a symbolic payment to the bride that cements the contract, but it is not “purchase” of the bride. A woman cannot be married without her consent.


There are more than thousands Muslim matrimony profiles on Tazawaj. Most of them are from Middle East, Indonesia, South Asia, America, Europe etc. These profiles mostly are Arabic or English speaking and have profession as Entertainment Professional, Company Secretary, Admin Professional, Social Worker etc.


Muslim Matrimonial is considered sacred and pure and follow rituals such as Nikah. More than thousand Muslim Matrimonial profiles have found their life partners on Tazawaj.

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